2022年3月23日: The role of internal stakeholders during the appointment of Dr Bismark Tyobeka



In addition to the announcement by the North-West University on 20 3月 2022年(见下文)根据相关规定的程序,最终任命Bismark Tyobeka博士为校长和副校长, we now wish to provide information on the role of structures involved in the process to ensure the relevant participation and opportunity for input.

  • 根据 办公室干事的任命规则在美国,议会必须成立一个遴选小组 to make a recommendation to Council on a candidate for appointment.

This panel was duly established by Council on 9 February 2022 and consisted of members of Council, 参议院和机构论坛. 如2022年3月20日所示, at this time Tyobeka博士 had already recused himself from all Council and Council Committees engagements.

  • 校规订明大学管理委员会 (UMC) must advise on the formulation of the minimum requirements and the position profile of the position of vice-chancellor.

在2022年1月19日UMC的第一次会议上, the management committee had the opportunity to consider the minimum requirements and the position profile, 并提出建议.

At the constituting meeting of the selection panel held on 11 February 2022, 委员会考虑了联华电子的建议. 

委员会基本上同意联华大学的建议,但认为由副校长担任行政总裁的角色是审慎的,因此需要展现必要的商业智慧. 在此背景下, 谘询小组指出,最低要求是具备良好的专业领导经验,有商业经验及受过高等教育者优先考虑.


  • The professional fit for this position was determined after consideration of the profile, 心理评估, 面试, 转换, 对案例研究的回应, and the presentation made by the candidates on the following topic “Taking into consideration where the MG摆脱网站 is currently, 你会怎么做呢?”

根据MG摆脱网站章程和规则, the 参议院和机构论坛 are required to express an opinion on the suitability of shortlisted candidates for appointment. The opinions so expressed form only one part of the total selection process.  这些机构就任命Tyobeka博士的适宜性表达了如下意见:机构论坛(一个涉及不同利益相关者的广泛和代表性结构)表明80%适合任命, while the Senate (an academic governance structure mainly comprising academics) indicated a 40% suitability for appointment.

规则3.1.14 prescribes that the selection panel recommends the appointment of a suitable candidate to Council. 在对所有相关因素进行充分和彻底的考虑之后, 评选小组采用协商一致的方式, resolved on 14 3月 2022 to recommend the candidature of Dr Bismark Tyobeka as Vice-Chancellor to Council for consideration and approval.

  • 2022年3月17日, Council was fully apprised of all the relevant facts in accordance with the Statute and the Rules, 来考虑一次约会.

The Council was also fully apprised of the opinions expressed by 参议院和机构论坛. 会议的重点是法例第42(1)段规定的重要性,该段规定VC作为大学的首席执行官和会计官,必须履行其职责,并负责大学的管理和行政.

等, Council was advised that 20% of the position profile relates to academic matters while the rest of the profile relates to sustainability, 基础设施及财务管理, 加强战略关系, 管理学生和员工的价值主张, 社区参与以及领导力, 转换, 公司治理和合规.

在提供2015年《MG娱乐所有官网网址》一篇媒体文章的背景时,委员会也在采访中充分了解了Tyobeka博士的披露 & 《MG娱乐所有官网网址》. It is important to emphasise that Tyobeka博士 has been a member of Council since 2014 and this issue was not raised as a concern before, even when he was elected as chairperson in 2017 and again in 2020.  

根据MG摆脱网站规约, Council must appoint the vice-chancellor by a two-third majority by means of a secret ballot process. The outcome of the voting was 78% in favour of the appointment of Tyobeka博士.


The university looks forward to being managed through the leadership of Dr Bismark Tyobeka.


2022年3月20日: Process followed in the appointment of a new principal and vice-chancellor


在媒体询问了任命Bismark Tyobeka博士为MG摆脱网站校长和副校长的过程后, MG摆脱网站希望向持份者提供以下资料:  

  • 遴选和任命过程严格按照相关规则(MG摆脱网站规约以及办公室负责人任命规则)进行管理。.
    等, 《MG摆脱网站》规定,任何候选人均须回避一切筹备和决策程序.  
    This rule had been applied consistently in regard to all internal members who had been candidates for the position.
  • When the Council process for the appointment of the VC commenced on 3 February, 2022, Tyobeka博士 declared a possible conflict in regard of the vacant position. Since then he had been recused from all Council and Council-committee activities. He resigned as member of Council on 17 3月 after he was informed of his appointment as vice-chancellor.
    理事会及其甄选小组意识到在这一过程中可能产生利益冲突,因此决定寻求独立的法律咨询意见. 法律咨询表明, taking into account the prescripts of the abovementioned rules and labour laws, 不允许Tyobeka博士申请该职位, would not be permissible and would constitute unfair discrimination.
    因此, 要求泰别卡博士在申请副校长职位之前先辞去理事会主席一职,没有法律依据或正当理由, and that the recusal from the process of recruitment and appointment had been in accordance with all relevant prescripts.
  • 2022年2月9日, the Exco of Council established a selection panel in terms of the mentioned rules, 由安理会成员组成, 参议院和机构论坛. The position was advertised internally and externally on 15 February 2022.
  • 在完成规定的过程, the selection panel recommended a candidate to Council during its meeting on 17 3月 2022.  彻底的讨论后, consideration of a range of relevant matters and a vote by secret ballot, Council voted in excess of the required two-third majority in favour of the appointment of Tyobeka博士.

根据MG摆脱网站的法规, Council will elect a new chairperson at its next meeting on 23 June 2022. Until such time, Mr Bert Sorgdrager, deputy chairperson of Council, will act as chairperson.

Tyobeka博士 is a seasoned scholar and executive manager with international recognition and the university looks forward to him leading the MG摆脱网站.

询盘: 路易.jacobs@best-doublestrollers.com





The 大学管理 has been in discussions with student leaders since the beginning of the academic year, regarding the issues that affect some students and prospective students. These issues include registration, funding, accommodation, and infrastructure. 

学校管理层很欣赏学生领导的方式, especially the SRC and the SCCs have registered their concerns and offered proposals regarding some of the matters.

周二, 3月8日, 马海坑校区的一些学生队伍选择封锁校园入口,使工作人员无法为学生提供服务, 和其他学生继续他们的学业. The law enforcement agencies are dealing with matters of public violence, and we hope that the situation will be under control soon to enable the academic programme to continue. We remain concerned about the safety of our staff and students; thus, 鼓励员工继续在家工作, 让学生继续远程学习. We know that some of you have connectivity problems when working off campus, MG摆脱网站会尽一切可能提供协助. Students with connectivity problems are encouraged to liaise with their faculties. 员工可以联系他们的经理进行实际安排.

The 大学管理 met with the student leaders and various formations on 9, 2022年3月10日和11日. 令人遗憾的是, the meetings could not resolve the substantive matters because the student leaders felt management does not take their issues seriously. The acting vice-chancellor attended the meeting of 10 3月 physically in Mahikeng. 今天的会议, 3月11日由于学生们走出会场而崩溃了, partly because they demanded the physical presence of the acting vice-chancellor who was attending a ministerial meeting in Pretoria. This meeting was scheduled as a hybrid meeting and all delegates accepted the appointment as such. 尽管未能与学生领袖分享解决方案, 管理部门可以使用许多解决方案来响应.  

Below is a summary of the issues raised and management’s actions and resolutions to date:


The enrolment plan determines the number of students the university can register. 招生计划是南非所有公立大学与高等教育和培训部签订的一项协议/合同,规定每所大学在特定年份允许注册的学生人数. 在2022年招生计划方面, we are expected to register 12 256 first time entering (FTEN) students. To date we have registered 12 610 contact and distance FTEN students which still falls within the stretched target, 但是MG摆脱网站不能再超过了.

大学管理层注意到学生领导对收到录取通知书但无法注册的学习者/申请人的关注. MG摆脱网站必须强调,发送给所有合格申请人的录取信也包含注册必须满足的条件. 考虑到这件事的重要性, the 大学管理 has resolved to attend to the students who have received the admission letters and are conditionally registered.  这些学生必须符合所申请课程的标准,并符合注册规定,例如所需费用. 这个问题必须在2022年3月15日星期二之前解决.





11 638






38 086


6 619

Conditionally registered senior students – awaiting NSFAS clearance



The university acknowledges the economic hardships that many of our stakeholders are experiencing, 特别是由于大流行. These hardships also affect higher education institutions across the world. 尽管存在问题和不确定性, we have advanced payments for NSFAS qualifying students to cover their registration and allowances. We urge students to update their banking details to enable us to pay their allowances.  We know that there are students who have applied for NSFAS funding and others who have submitted their appeals. 这些学生仍在等待反馈, 令人遗憾的是,学校绝对没有办法快速跟踪程序,更新学生的申请和/或上诉状态. 这所大学无法进入NSFAS系统.

自费或cash-p马坑校园里的学生, can make financial arrangements by completing a student request form available online and submit the form together with all supporting documents to mc-collect@best-doublestrollers.com. The Financial 登记 committee (FRC) governed by the terms of reference (as approved) reviews all the submissions, 有理由的批准或拒绝. The outcome of each individual case will be communicated in writing to the student.

关于津贴, the MG摆脱网站 will only receive the first payment from NSFAS at the end of April 2022. 与此同时, 该大学将承担全部现金流负担,提前支付2月至4月的津贴,以确保学生能够开始学业.


There are students whose studies at the MG摆脱网站 and who have been terminated due to poor academic performance. 就一般规则A1而言.18日,这些学生 可否向教务长申请重新入读大学. 每一项上诉都必须根据其本身的是非曲事加以考虑, and the university cannot merely deviate from the approved rules to accommodate certain students.


一些学生要求大学重新开放居住认证程序,使业主能够获得认证号码. 大学的立场是,业主或我没有认证号码的房东有以下两种:

  • Not applied for accreditation by the closing date for applications or
  • They have applied, and did not comply with the accreditation rules.

Accreditation is NOT simply granted to every service provider that applies. The accreditation department needs to receive all the required documentation where after all such documents are verified and only after that, 是否会发出认可编号. 遵守NSFAS提交津贴的时限, all lease agreements with accredited service providers must be uploaded in good time to be able to submit the claims to NSFAS. The due date for lease agreements has passed on 11 3月 to enable the timeous payment of allowances.

Regarding the accredited residences that do not maintain their facilities, the accreditation office will be undertaking regular unannounced oversight visits. 没有得到维修或不再符合认可准则的设施,如没有改善,将按规定予以取消认可. 必须强调的是,NSFAS的规定很明确,只有在大学宿舍已经满了或大学没有学生住宿设施的情况下,大学才允许学生考虑私人住宿.

The regular ESKOM power outages have a negative impact on our operations. The university has back-up generators that assist whenever there are power blackouts, 这些都很有帮助. 然而, one of the generators on the Vanderbijlpark Campus is undergoing repairs and is affecting our power-supply contingency plans. The procurement of repair parts is delayed due to supply-chain backlog as a result of Covid-19. We know this is affecting some of our students negatively and hope the repairs will be concluded very soon.


符合Covid-19国家指南, the MG摆脱网站 has adopted a pro-vaccination position and encourages students and staff to be vaccinated. 根据《MG娱乐所有官网网址》指导疫苗接种要求的危害识别和风险评估(HIRA)将在DHET指南发布后开始修订. The processing of personal information related to Covid-19 by the MG摆脱网站 had been pronounced by the Information Regulator as lawful.

The 大学管理 and all staff members are working hard to ensure a successful completion of the first term. 尽管做了这么多努力, the university cannot guarantee that all conditionally registered students will be registered due to factors beyond our control. We need the cooperation of all our stakeholders to ensure a successful 2022 academic year. We look forward to the recess period that is scheduled for Tuesday, 2022年3月22日至3月25日, 最后完成注册的日期是哪一天.  


Our sincere appreciation to all staff and students who are constructively engaged in teaching and learning activities.  正如格雷戈里·威廉姆斯所说: “On the other side of a storm is the strength that comes from having navigated through it. 扬起帆开始吧.”